Sunday, June 25, 2017

His Turn Again

Saturday, as with many other Saturdays in the past, was one of those days where I was out and about and couldn't watch the game, which was unfortunate because I missed out on another sterling performance from Jacob deGrom, who continued his renaissance period with his 3rd consecutive start in which he threw at least 8 innings. Needless to say, the Mets have won all three, including yesterday evening's 5-2 decision.

Sometimes, when I am out and can only sporadically follow things on my phone, I sort of develop this blind hope of what's going on, and I had visions of deGrom whipping the ball around the yard and Giant hitters stepping in buckets, and Hunter Pence doing Hunter Pence-like things. I'm guessing that's more or less what happened. Wilmer Flores hit an early Home Run off of Johnny Cueto. The Giants did nothing against deGrom until the 7th, when Brandon Belt hit one of his own. Cueto departed in the 8th in favor of Sam Dyson, better known as the beleaguered former Rangers closer whose spectacular late-game implosions earned him a ticket to DFAsville. The change of scenery did not help, clearly, as the Mets quickly scored two runs to go ahead for good and then tacked on two more in the 9th to seal up the win.

I said as the Mets went on this road trip that maybe they could just have 4 days of rain and then pitch deGrom every game. It's always nice when you can look at that day's starter and know you're going to get a good performance, and that's the kind of groove deGrom is in right now. If he keeps pitching like this, I may have to start filing more petitions.

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