Friday, June 23, 2017


I only managed to catch an inning or two of Thursday night's game, which is more or less how I'd been watching this series. I think it could only be stomached in small doses. But at any rate, the Mets were behind when I turned the game on, which stands to reason given that the Dodgers had hit 44 Home Runs in the series to that point, half of them by Cody Bellinger, the other half by Corey Seager, and another half by Justin Turner because the Mets needed more reason to look like assholes. I'll give Steven Matz a little bit of credit for only allowing two Home Runs, instead of the requisite 6 that the other Mets starters had given up in this series, which meant that when I tuned in, the Mets only trailed 3-2 instead of 11-2.

But at any rate, Lucas Duda hit a double to score Jay Bruce and tie the game 3-3 in the 6th inning, and that gave me some blind hope that maybe the Mets could salvage something here, but that was not the case. I shut it down around the 7th inning because, you know, it was late and I was tired, and of course everything went to shit from there.

This series reminded me of those years when the Mets were terrible and Washington would come in to Citi Field and hit 87 Home Runs, most of them by Rendon and Fire Hydrant Head. But the Mets lost all four of these games not so much because they'd quit or weren't trying, it seems more a matter of the Dodgers are to 2017 what the Cubs were to 2016 or something like that. I do realize that based on the last 7 games the Mets season is probably toast and we're probably going to start seeing some of these pieces get traded off in the coming weeks. It's sort of the curse of the middle ground. Not good enough to hang with the big boys, but dammit, I still think the Mets are better put together than the Fucking Marlins. Not that it counts for anything at this point but you take what little victories you can get.

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