Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Same Thing

I'd essentially turned off Monday night's game before I ever started watching it, and for all intents and purposes I did the same thing on Tuesday. Or at least I should have.

I was watching at the beginning of the proceedings on Tuesday. I figured Robert Gsellman had to fare better than Wheeler did the night before but that was blind hope since the Dodgers basically ate him for breakfast. Logan Forsythe led off with a single, Corey Seager followed with a Home Run over the Center Field fence, I slapped my head in disbelief, Justin Turner reached when T.J. Rivera threw a ball not especially close to 1st base on a routine ground ball, Cody Bellinger hit another Home Run, I slapped my head again and then went to do something else.

By time I checked back in, the Dodgers were busy flossing their teeth with Gsellman, Seager hit two more Home Runs and everything else that could possibly have gone wrong, went wrong.

I know that the Mets aren't as bad as the Dodgers are making them look right now, but then again I'm not convinced of this. The Mets season right now is, ostensibly, finished and I would guess we'll be hearing rumblings and grumblings of trades in the coming weeks, but these last several games against really good teams have been mostly noncompetitive efforts. This from a team I believed was going to do something great with themselves. I've been shown. The more fool you.

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