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Thursday, September 10, 2009


The announced attendance for last night's game was 37,312, which I can immediately tell you is total bullshit because having sat through last night's game, I'm pretty sure there were about 9-10,000 people in the ballpark, tops. Absolute tops.

What we witnessed fortunately went by moderately quick.

Even the lure of Free Hot Dogs wasn't bringing people out on this night. Nope. I went with a colleague of mine (not the infamously insane screaming colleague, a different colleague) and he was absolutely dumbfounded when we got to our seats, looked around, and saw that nobody was there. There were so few people at this game that even the line at Shake Shack was manageable. After much internal debate, I did decide to go to El Verano Taqueria for my pregame meal, and for the first time, I felt somewhat let down. The food was just fine, however the taco shells appeared to be somewhat stale. Not so that it ruined the experience, mind you, but enough to notice. I suppose we can only hope that the quality of the food is not going to begin to mimic the quality of the team. I still have 2 games left to go to this season.

The game was a blur. Much like most of the games I've attended this season. I seem to have an "Every other year" thing, where one year, every game I go to is great and the Mets win a lot, and then the next year, everything sucks. It's been like that for about 6 years now, and this year is, quite obviously, a down year. I've been to 14 games and the Mets are 4-10, including 7 losses in a row. This is unfathomable to me. I've had bad seasons (7-11 in 2005, 8-11 in 2007), but none have matched this year as far as abject suckitude. It seems like every game, the Mets are down 2-0 or 4-0 before they even come to bat, and usually it gets to about 6-0 before the Mets are cognisant that there's a game going on and maybe they should think about playing. Of course, that's what happened last night. Dan Uggla, who, like most of the Marlins I'm just totally sick of, beat out a bad throw from Wright on what could have been an inning ending DP in the first, instead of a scoreless inning, a run is in and we continue, and, as if on cue, Cody Ross hit a 3-run HR, and that was the game right there. Everyone wants to blame the Stadium, it seems, but it's not the stadium. It's the team. When you look defeated, you will be defeated, over and over again.

Then, there was the Hot Dogs. I should start by mentioning that, for the first time, I went to a game at Citi Field and there were concession stands in the Promenade Level that were closed. It was like those Halcyon Days back at Shea when the stands way out in the Upper Deck were almost always closed. But I digress. Given that the vendors at best could have expected 20,000 people at the game last night (no way in hell were 40,000 going to show up for a dopey free Hot Dog) and probably got about half that, why, then, when I went down to a concession stand in the 7th inning, was I told that I would have to wait 10 minutes for a Hot Dog? And there wasn't particularly a large amount of people around waiting for one. Fortunately, I went to another concession stand that had plenty of Hot Dogs. Only this team could hold a Free Hot Dog promotion, get a tiny crowd, and still only be marginally prepared for it. Hell, I would have just kept the coupon for the Free Hot Dog and used it at the next game had it not said "ONLY VALID SEPTEMBER 9."

I shouldn't complain, really. That Free Hot Dog was probably the high point of the game.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great Idea!

I've been hearing Howie Rose talk about it on the radio ever since last weekend, but the Mets have been running all sorts of goofy promotions to try to drum up some kind of interest as the Mets play out the string. There have apparently been seat upgrades, and giveaways and players signing autographs, but the crowds have remained sparse (though, since most of the tickets were already sold, they're not announced as sparse, but that's a different story).

Last night, the folks at SNY had the brilliant idea to do a "Silent Sixth Inning," which I didn't watch, but I heard people making fun of on WFAN afterwards. I suppose they can do whatever the hell they want to try to generate some interest. Whether they were in the race or not, I would have been listening on the radio, where they know better than to do a "silent" anything.

But tonight, the Mets have it right. Tonight is Free Hot Dog night at Citi Field. It's not unlimited, unfortunately, but everyone coming in will get a coupon for a Free Hot Dog. Now, we're talking! And, how fortuitous that this should fall on the day of a game I happen to have tickets for. This should come in handy after I've had my tacos before the game (assuming I have tacos before the game), and I get that little strike of hunger around the 7th or 8th inning.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Happy 4th of July everyone! Remember to stay proud and stay out of the Aisles during the playing of our National Anthem. God Bless America!

In much more pressing matters, the Mets have gone into the hitters haven that is Coors Field and simply gone back into the tank. Against a pair of none-too-spectacular starting pitchers, the Mets have mustered a whopping 5 runs in two games, and have barely made a peep with runners in scoring position. Meanwhile, on the other side, the pitching hasn't exactly been lights out either. Glavine was burned by a miserable third inning on Monday. Tuesday, Jason Vargas, recalled in place of the Disabled Oliver Perez was nothing short of atrocious. This, combined with his first start against Chicago in May just fills me with loads of confidence about his future with the team. Here's one note for him: When you are raised up from AAA to the Majors, it's a good idea to raise the intensity of your game as well. Major League hitters tend to destroy straight, 86MPH fastballs.

I suppose I could say more about the last two nights, but really, I don't think more needs to be said, and I'd much rather spare myself the aggravation (and I'm sure you would prefer to be spared as well).

So, the Mets will celebrate the 4th of July by hopefully setting off some fireworks of their own tonight against yet another paltry Rockies pitcher, Josh Fogg, but given the way the first two games of this series have gone, one can't be too sure.

Truth is, this is where the real action will be today. Will Takeru Kobayashi be able to defend his crown (and word is he is suffering from a jaw ailment)? Or will the upstart Joey Chestnut knock him from his lofty perch? I think Kobayashi is playing possum, so my money's on him to defend his title. Or will someone simply explode before the 12 minutes are up? The Gastrointestinal madness will unfold today on Coney Island!

(That is, what's left of Coney Island...)

It's a beautiful sight, and a tasty meal to boot. But two's my limit. 54 is beyond my realm.