Thursday, August 10, 2017

Happy-ish Place

Philadelphia in recent years has been a place the Mets have been able to go to "forget their troubles," as it were. The Phillies downswing has resulted in a team that the Mets have more often than not feasted on and, after the Jay Bruce trade-induced fan revolt, the Mets could probably use a trip here. Not so much because it's going to salvage anything, but because a few wins is good for the soul.

So the Mets did that on Thursday, getting a 3-run Home Run from Wilmer Flores in the 1st inning and then riding away from there to a 10-0 victory in this series opener. Flores was joined by Neil Walker, Michael Conforto and Curtis Granderson in the Home Run brigade; the resulting 4 being somewhat paltry by previous standards but nonetheless welcome.

The beneficiary of this was Jacob deGrom, who did what he usually does against Philly and shut them out and really step on their throats in the process, or at least until he was felled by a Nick Williams line drive that went off his arm in the 7th inning and did not result in, as far as I could tell, any demonstrable injury as deGrom sort of walked around and didn't appear to be in pain. Nonetheless he left the game, which I guess was the more prudent thing to do since there was no real reason to risk anything else at that point.

The other notable news from the Mets, which probably shouldn't have been at all surprising given the Bruce trade, was that Dominic Smith was called up and will probably immediately become the everyday starting 1st baseman. This is the perfect situation to do things like this. Let Smith come up, as Amed Rosario did last week. There is zero pressure on either of them to do anything substantial right now. The Mets are punting 2017, which is frustrating, yes, but at this point there is nothing that can be done but let these two guys come up, fumpher around a little bit until they get their Major League bearings, and then unleash them next season. Let them use these 6-7 weeks of season to screw up as much as they need to screw up because it's of little detriment to the team. It's only helpful to do this now and if at the same time they continue to jettison guys who won't be around next season anyway, again, no particular harm. Except to the fiendish little hearts of Mets fans.

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