Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Happy 4th of July everyone! Remember to stay proud and stay out of the Aisles during the playing of our National Anthem. God Bless America!

In much more pressing matters, the Mets have gone into the hitters haven that is Coors Field and simply gone back into the tank. Against a pair of none-too-spectacular starting pitchers, the Mets have mustered a whopping 5 runs in two games, and have barely made a peep with runners in scoring position. Meanwhile, on the other side, the pitching hasn't exactly been lights out either. Glavine was burned by a miserable third inning on Monday. Tuesday, Jason Vargas, recalled in place of the Disabled Oliver Perez was nothing short of atrocious. This, combined with his first start against Chicago in May just fills me with loads of confidence about his future with the team. Here's one note for him: When you are raised up from AAA to the Majors, it's a good idea to raise the intensity of your game as well. Major League hitters tend to destroy straight, 86MPH fastballs.

I suppose I could say more about the last two nights, but really, I don't think more needs to be said, and I'd much rather spare myself the aggravation (and I'm sure you would prefer to be spared as well).

So, the Mets will celebrate the 4th of July by hopefully setting off some fireworks of their own tonight against yet another paltry Rockies pitcher, Josh Fogg, but given the way the first two games of this series have gone, one can't be too sure.

Truth is, this is where the real action will be today. Will Takeru Kobayashi be able to defend his crown (and word is he is suffering from a jaw ailment)? Or will the upstart Joey Chestnut knock him from his lofty perch? I think Kobayashi is playing possum, so my money's on him to defend his title. Or will someone simply explode before the 12 minutes are up? The Gastrointestinal madness will unfold today on Coney Island!

(That is, what's left of Coney Island...)

It's a beautiful sight, and a tasty meal to boot. But two's my limit. 54 is beyond my realm.

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