Friday, July 27, 2007

Earthquake Glue

I'm going on vacation to San Francisco for a week (not like I've been tearing up the blogosphere around here lately anyway), so in the meantime you'll continue on in Mets2Moon's capable hands.

My flight's at 7:05 tomorrow morning, so I'll be trying to get to sleep right at the conclusion of tonight's game against the Nats (Bacsik v. Sosa! Cancel all your Friday night plans, kids!). I might even tune in to see if Alex Rodriguez finally hits his 493rd home run. Huh? Yeah, it's confusing, but due to the fact that the Yankees and Orioles are picking up where they left off in a rain-postponed game from June 28, if A-Rod homers tonight that will be dinger number 493, and every home run since then will move up one, so that his 499th, off Gil Meche, will become his 500th. So, depending on what happens tonight, A-Rod may actually have already hit his 500th home run, and I JUST BLEW YOUR FUCKING MIND.

Of course, no one actually cares about A-Rod's 500th home run. Not even this guy:
Have a great week, everyone. In the meantime, here's a little memento to remember me by:
Bobblebelly DollRodriguez Home Runs: Count Them Backward [New York Times]
"Bobble Belly" El Gaupo image via Minor Enterprise [Deadspin]

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