Friday, June 16, 2017

These Freakin' Guys

So because of work commitments, I neither heard nor saw any part of Thursday night's game, which I suppose is just as well because it was terrible. Robert Gsellman was lit on fire by Bryce Harper early and later the entire Mets roster apparently turned to mush, because I guess the Nationals willed it so, and they once again fell meekly to the Nationals, 8-3.

It's mid-June and the Mets haven't managed to beat the Nationals at home, and now sit at 2-5 against them for the season, which is some 2013 shit. How the hell do the Mets expect to make any headway into that deficit they've dug for themselves if they can't do anything against their chief rivals? They've lost here, tomorrow they face Scherzer, then Strasburg and before you blink this whole thing could be out of hand.

I don't know. This whole thing makes my head hurt right now.

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