Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuning Out Early

These West Coast games have a habit of playing havoc with my schedule on all fronts. I'll stay up to watch a 10pm game, but watching through to the end is largely dependent on whether or not the game is worth staying up for.

I was late tuning in last night and as such, when I did click on, the Mets were already behind 7-0, as Zack Wheeler was lit on fire by MLB's newest flavor of the week, Clay Bellinger, and opposing Clayton Kershaw I figured there was not much worth sticking around for. So I shut it off.

What did I miss? Well, ultimately, I missed the Mets wasting everyone's time by putting forth a thinly-veiled comeback, hitting 4 Home Runs off of Kershaw to cut a seemingly insurmountable deficit to 8-6 by the 7th inning, and then having their momentum cut off by Fernando Salas, who allowed the Dodgers to tack on two more runs in the last of the 7th to close out a 10-6 loss in this series opener.

I mean, sure, give the Mets credit for fighting back, particularly to Jose Reyes, who arose from his coffin to hit two Home Runs, Gavin Cecchini, who hit his first career Home Run, and to Jay Bruce, who continues to play exceptionally well in a mostly hopeless situation, but, I mean, who at that point was still watching? If a Home Run is hit and nobody is around to watch it, did it ever really happen?

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