Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sleepy Saturday

Saturday night's game was one of those games where if you blinked, you might have missed it. Or at least that's how it felt. First of all, the game was on FOX, which always goes well for the Mets. Fortunately, Joe Buck wasn't involved, so that was a slight moral victory, although the guy who was doing the game first of all neglected to ever announce who the hell he was, and second of all was one of those stereotypical "deep-voice" types that FOX tends to hire because I suppose it's swarthy and romantic and will keep the ladies interested.

But I digress. I'd been out and came home and fell asleep, or almost fell asleep and at some point I remembered there was a game on, so I put it on just in time to see Wilmer Flores hit a Home Run, which made it 4-2 Mets, but it was the 4th inning so I figured there was still lots to happen. And then I started making dinner, which precludes me from paying too much attention to things and relying what I hear. Usually, it's Gary Cohen, and, you know, you spend so many years listening to The Best, you get used to certain inflections. I wasn't getting that with Jimmy Deepvoice. So I took that to mean nothing interesting was going on. And, well, it wasn't.

In fact, the rest of the game basically flew by to the point that by time I did check in, Addison Reed was in the game and I automatically assumed it was the 9th inning. Except he got Adam Frazier to ground out for the 3rd out of the inning and then walked off with his cap flipped back, so the game wasn't over. At that point I refocused and realized that Terry Collins had finally had enough of this shit and decided to just let Addison Reed get the 2-inning Save. It of course figured that he gave up a leadoff single to Josh Harrison to start the 9th, but he did get the next three outs to finish the game and give the Mets a 4-2 win that they sorely needed. And that's, of course, indicative of this sad state of affairs because it's June, the Mets are miles under .500 and even farther from where they need to be in the standings, and these wins are "sorely needed."

Is it any wonder I'm barely paying attention?

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