Monday, June 5, 2017

Quick Out

You could almost feel a game like Sunday's brewing for the Mets, just based on the way Saturday night's game ended. After nearly blowing a large lead but hanging on to win Saturday, the Mets got their doors blown off before most of the crowd had even settled into their seats on Sunday. Tommy Milone was the victim on this particular day, as the Angels lit him up like the Crash Davis proverbial Christmas Tree early and often and then tacked on some more runs late against Hansel Robles to win the final game of this series, 12-5.

I know no Mets fan was probably expecting great things from Milone, but if nothing else, I'd like to think he's capable of more than the basically non-competitive effort he threw out there yesterday afternoon. He'd already done himself no favors by loading the bases with no outs, and then walking .154 hitting cleanup batter Jefry Marte to force in a run. Then, of course, he laid a meatball out there for C.J. Cron to whack in the seats for a Grand Slam and...

Wait a second, just wait a fucking mean this wasn't the same game the Mets played on May 21st? There was a different opponent and a different starting pitcher instead of Milone? But the final score was basically the same, so you could have fooled me. In fact, hasn't this basically been the same game the Mets have played every Sunday afternoon this season?

I'm not convinced. I need legitimate proof that the Mets haven't decided to pull a Potemkin Sunday thing on us this year.

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