Thursday, August 13, 2009

*Yawn*...We Won?

I was kind of surprised when I got home yesterday and turned on SNY while I was making dinner. I wasn't necessarily surprised that Bob Ojeda and Jerry McTalkinghead were talking about how the Mets won, I was surprised because I forgot that they were playing an afternoon game. It's gotten so bad that I'm now blanking on entire ballgames.

I guess the years of the Mets rampaging into Arizona and walloping the DBacks is done with, at least for the current era. The Mets haven't looked good in months, and in this past week, they've somehow managed to look even worse. My co-worker insists that they're the worst team in Baseball, worse than San Diego, Arizona (two teams that won 5 of 7 from them) or even Washington. He wondered what their record was since July 1st, and seemed certain that they were worse than any other team in the Majors. Oddly, though, the Mets were only 12-14 in July, (which means that THEY'RE NOT SO BAD! SEE? ONLY 2 GAMES UNDER .500!!!) which is a lot better than you'd think they would have been. It was the 9-18 record in June that really did them in. But when the Mets have seasons like this, at least as far as what history would tell us, it's in August when they really fall apart, like their 8-20 in 1996 or 6-21 in 2002. Right now, the Mets stand at 3-8, coming home for a 11-game homestand that could have a rather funereal air to it (and for which I'll be in attendance at 3 games).

I guess we could clamor for more changes to the roster, but really, what's the use at this point? At least we're spared more September aggravation this year, because there's really not going to be a September worth waiting around for.

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