Monday, August 17, 2009

The Carnage Continues

I guess this season wouldn't have been complete without some sort of horrendous injury to David Wright. It was as though he was walking a tightrope out there, and when there was word of a leg injury last week, all I could think was "Just say it's fine. Stay away from the trainers." He managed that well enough, but Fate intervened on Saturday in the form of a Matt Cain fastball to the head. And there went the one guy worth showing up for in the Mets lineup. Wisely, the Mets have learned from the error of their ways and just put Wright on the DL outright after spending a night in the hospital. This way he can just stay home, sit in the dark and watch the game instead of forcing himself out there and letting Ray "Cortizone Shot" Ramirez get another crack at him. Let him sit as long as he needs to. Neither he, nor any of the rest of the All-Star team that is the Mets DL list is going to save their hide this season.

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