Friday, August 14, 2009

Taco Stand Rapper

I believe the 11-game homestand that the Mets have opening tonight is their longest such homestand of the season. I know that this begins the period of the season where the games on my Weekday Plan run together with an alarming frequency. In the span of 7 days from August 17-24, I have tickets for 3 games. The only other time during the season where my games ran this close was in Late April/Early May, when I had 3 games in the span of 2 weeks from April 28 - May 12.

Things were a lot more optimistic for the Mets back then.

I have, in the past, had tickets to games that I'd been tempted to just eat and screw it because I just didn't feel like going to watch the team play, but I'd never actually done so. And I highly doubt I would do such a thing now, although some of the tickets may go to waste simply because I can't find anyone to go with me (El Guapo generally has first dibs, but I think his patience with the team has worn even thinner than mine, plus his aptitude to attend games close together is not what it was back in our salad days). We shall see. The three games are Monday, the 17th, Thursday, the 20th and Monday, the 24th, an afternoon game against the Phillies that should just be a rollicking good time. After the way the last Mets/Phillies game I attended worked out, I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this one. The only upshot will be that I'll be able to skip work to go to the game.

There needs to be another selling point to games at Citi Field, at least to detract from the attention that can or will be paid to the mess that's on the field. I know that there has been a sudden, shocking move to offer discounted tickets to certain games, and the team is hyping up some promotions and giveaways (none of which, by the way, were offered at any of the games on the Weekday plan). There's the food, although it seems like everyone is only interested in Shake Shack, leaving many of the other food stands empty (this isn't necessarily a bad thing, I've talked about my Taqueria experience, and I think Blue Smoke is next on my list). But after that, what else is there? It's clearly no longer cool to just say, "Hey, let's go to the Mets game," I know this because I haven't been able to find suitable company for my next 3 games. I need a better selling point.

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