Monday, August 24, 2009

Spectacular Failure

So if it wasn't enough for the Mets to have found new and inventive ways to lose games, or get their own players injured, or have injured players mysteriously become even more injured over the course of the season, now, the Mets are conjuring up ways to lose ballgames that haven't been done in over 80 years.

I suppose, as with so many other disastrous things that have happened to the Mets this season, you could see it coming. The situation was rife for such a play. Much like the Mets other Most Glaring Failure this season. Playing their closest rival, and the team that has dogged them for the past three seasons. Playing out the string, and trying to salvage some kind of pride. A wild game that saw the Mets fall behind 6-0 and peck and scrape and claw and somehow make a game of it. A game that saw the first inside-the-park HR in Citi Field history. And, of course, the perfect storm for the perfect play, 2 on, 0 out and the runners in motion.

Should Francoeur's line drive have been a few inches higher, and over Bruntlett's glove, then the move to send both runners looks genius. In fact Francoeur hit the ball well enough that had it been past Bruntlett, it likely would have shot into the gap for a tying hit. But, such as the Mets have had no luck this season, and no breaks, and whatever the absolute worst thing that could happen has happened, that's just what happened. The line drive was low, it went right into Bruntlett's glove as he ran to cover 2nd, and managed to pick off both Castillo from 2nd and a befuddled Murphy coming from 1st, and, thus, another Brilliant 2009 Mets moment.

It's not enough to simply lose anymore. The Mets now make their losses look spectacular.

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