Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do What Now?

It seems rather incongruous, given the historically poor manner in which the Mets offense has sputtered this season, that they would somehow find a way to bust out and set a club record in last night's game, banging out 10 hits in an inning that saw them post 8 runs on the Atlanta Braves.

This is a team that sometimes has trouble getting 10 hits over the span of 3 games, and now they're posting 10 hits in an inning?

Given the fact that, going into the 4th inning last night, the Mets found themselves trailing Atlanta by 4, and this particular inning makes even less sense. Not only did they get 10 hits in an inning, but at the same time they came back from a 4-run deficit to take the lead?

Fittingly, the Mets only scored 1 run the rest of the game. But this inning not only put the Mets ahead, it gave them a comfortable lead over Atlanta and even made a winner out of Oliver Perez, who managed to notch his 3rd of the season in spite of himself.

I only watched the first 2 1/2 or so innings of the game. By the time Adam LaRoche had hit his HR off Perez, I figured it was just going to be another long night. So I walked away and put on the radio, figuring I could just tune out the game and get it over with quick. Instead, I just got a long inning. The long inning that came out of nowhere and shocked the hell out of everyone.

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