Friday, July 31, 2009

Little of Column A, Little of Column B...

So I suppose if you hung around Citi Field for the first ever "Doubleheader" in Citi Field History, you saw a little bit of everything from the Mets. First of all, you had to pay twice, since it's pretty safe to assume that there was no way a somewhat-full box office could have been passed up from Wednesday's rainout. Therefore, "Doubleheader" can no longer be referred to as a Doubleheader since it's no longer a true Doubleheader. It's my favorite, the Day-Night Doubleheader, which we may as well just save ourselves time by referring to it as a "Doubleheader."

In the opener, the Mets continued to play well, actually backing Santana with some runs (which mostly came of the dink and dunk variety) while Santana did what he does best and mowed down the Colorados in short order. This was their 5th win in a row and was actually starting to permeate some halfway good vibes around the team. That faint glimmer of hope in the corner of the Mets fans eyes was starting to show itself. It was sort of like that 10-game winning streak last year that kind of came out of nowhere.

So, of course, the Mets went out in the nightcap and didn't hit. Streak gone, good vibes gone, despite a good outing from Niese. Then again, given the way this season has gone, the Mets were way overdue for a stinker.

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