Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Broken Offense

It appears the Mets have been using the remaining shard in Sheffield's hand as their bat for the past week or so. Or at least that's how they're making it appear.

These particular performances now the norm around here, I think it's become more frustrating knowing how bad the rest of the division has been around us. Not so much because of the "if we were healthy..." argument, but because the Mets remain merely 4.5 games out of 1st place. The problem is that this is a 4.5 game deficit that's pretty much impossible for the Mets to make up. It would have been a lot easier had Philadelphia and Atlanta played better baseball and just buried the Mets in late May or mid-June. Playing out the string is a whole lot easier to swallow when you're 10 games back instead of under 5. But in reality, that's what the Mets are doing. And there's no relief in sight from this. Beltran remains weeks away, Reyes appears to be months off and Delgado will be back in time for his contract to expire. So, what's there to do now?

Maybe it's time to start going to games and watching them from other parts of the Stadium. Maybe I should just go down to Shake Shack in the 2nd inning. Just hang out in the World's Fare Market and eat cookies all night. Get drunk in the Promenade Club. Tack a $50 dinner onto my expenses for the night at the Acela Club. The Mets e-mails no longer advertise the opponent or the team's play, now it's advertising, "Be a part of the Citi Field Fun!" The fun now lies in the attractions in the ballpark, no longer in watching the team on the field.

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