Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Descent From Grace

The Mets won their third game in a row last night, a feat which seems sort of secondary when you consider the absolute quagmire that the team has found itself in after the events of yesterday afternoon.

I found myself in my office yesterday afternoon actually listening to Omar Minaya's press conference. This shouldn't have even necessitated a Press Conference, let alone a stupid "Flushing Flash" mass e-mail to everyone. What the hell do any of us care about Tony Bernazard? You investigated, and you fired him. Nothing more needed to be said. Which is why once Omar said anything in that Press Conference beyond "We fired Tony Bernazard," I knew that he was in a lot of trouble. I would say that, basically, all Omar accomplished was digging a hole at the podium he was sitting at, jumping in it, and burying himself.

I've certainly been critical of the way the media in New York handles certain things, and you're certainly entitled to think that any newspaper columnist has some sort of agenda. Hell, even I've got an agenda, and I'm just writing a dopey blog. But there are times and places to talk about people's specific agendas, and in front of an audience with flash bulbs popping, microphones in your face and the guy who you're slinging accusations at in the crowd, that's not the best place to start slinging mud.

I find myself often asking who, exactly, is driving this Mets bus. Because the more this team makes misguided decisions and stupid mistakes, the more I think there's nobody at the wheel, and there's nobody who wants to take control. It's amazing that it took this particular incident, an out-and-out horrendous, flaming embarrassment for Jeff Wilpon to get up and say something, or at least appear conscious. I know he won't hold his own press conference because the idiot media will just ask him "How much did Madoff take you for?" but at some point, you have to take control of things. It was bad enough slogging through last season and the way things ended. This year, there's stadium that everyone seems to hate (which I guarantee wouldn't be the case if the team were winning), the Medical Staff appearing to be comprised of a group of Semi-educated mongoloids, the Assistant GM running amok, and now the GM opening his mouth and picking a direct fight with the fourth estate. When did this organization turn itself from a team on the rise into a complete and utter joke again? Things weren't supposed to turn out this way.

We go from being one inning from the World Series, to blowing a 7 game lead in the last 2 weeks of the season, to getting eliminated from the playoffs in the last game ever at our beloved old Stadium, to this? God, how the mighty have fallen.

It shouldn't be this particular incident that gets Omar Minaya canned for good. It's no stretch to say that the Media will turn on him completely. It should be the progression of that last paragraph. . 3 years ago, you would have thought we'd be running around with a couple of World Series trophies by now. Nope. Instead, that trophy is in the hands of our most bitter rival. Us? We're eating hamburgers and watching our team slog through while our GM seems hell bent on blaming everyone else for the problems that he's managed to create by not taking any kind of control. Well then. If he won't do it, it's time for one of the Wilpon boys to wake up. Take a look around Citi Field in September when there's 20,000 or less in the stands per game.

This is what you fucking get when you let the inmates run the asylum, Jeffy.

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