Friday, July 3, 2009

Inside Citi Field, Part 1

I'm on vacation for the weekend, but I'll be back to sound off on the weekend's happenings in Philadelphia on Monday. We'll see if a trip to Steroid Field II proves to be a cure for the Mets offensive ailments.

I had my camera with me for Sunday night's game, which is nothing new. But I thought that, rather than taking a bunch of pictures of the field, and the game, which never come out particularly well or are very descriptive of what happened in the game, I thought I would take some photos in and around Citi Field, for those of you who haven't been there, or who have missed certain views inside the new Stadium. I've got about 100 or so pictures ready, so this will be part 1 of the Citi Field Photo tour. Part 2 will appear Sunday (though I've actually written everything earlier in the week and postdated the column).

As I mentioned, I was particularly early for Sunday's game. So early, in fact, that I actually arrived before the gates opened. I took the opportunity to take a stroll out into the Parking Lot, where our former home once stood.

Tom Seaver stood here.

Piazza squatted here.

Part of me wanted to strike a Keith Hernandez pose.
Enough bases. Let's go inside!

Since I have a ticket plan, these little self-serve pickup stations are mostly useless for me. But I did use one to pick up my tickets for this game. Man, these are great. All you need to do is swipe your card and it spits out your tickets. Beats waiting on line.

Probably the #1 Citi Field photo op. I wanted to get a picture of the 42 with nobody in front of it, but that was damn near impossible. So I had to settle for this couple running into the picture.

Reverse angle of the Rotunda.

Top of the Escalator.

Bad flash.

Beer Vendor. The vendor kiosks here are much fancier than they were at Shea. I suppose that goes without saying.

Hot Dog stand on the Field Level.

Here's the lineup. As you may recall, they used to post this above the walkup ticket booth at Shea. It's almost hidden here. I didn't even notice it until Sunday's game when I walked past. This lineup, of course, would produce all of 5 hits against a mishmash of Yankee pitchers on this night.
Because, you know, when I think of a leadoff hitter, I think of Daniel Murphy.
Mets BP, from the Right Field corner of the Field Level.
Bridges. The upper bridge leads to the Pepsi Porch. The lower bridge is the "Mystery" bridge from the Empire Suites into the Mets Offices.
Trio of Kiosks in the RF corner.
I'd never been in the World's Fare Market. I sort of thought there was more in there.
In reality, there's just Sushi...
Pudding and cake...
...courtesy of Mama's of Corona...
...who also serves up some nice looking salads...
...and some charming looking cookies.
Meanwhile, in the outfield, Pedro Feliciano has an itch.
Good look at the contours of the Outfield, taken from the Modell's Zone.
Glory Days. These, of course, are hidden behind the bridge, right next to...
...our old friend. By now, Mets fans are beginning to forget what an Apple looks like.
Here's the current version.
And the bullpen, from the Bridge.
More Bullpen.
View from the Bridge.
Beer stand in the Grand Central Station that is the Center Field Food Court.
If you don't look closely, you might miss this sign, which is off on the far side of...
...Blue Smoke, which was empty when I was there, and doesn't do anywhere near the land office business its neighbor to the left does.
On the other side, there's the Taqueria, which I've never been to. I'm not much of a taco fan. I think you all know where I was heading right about now.
Where would I have to be to get this close of a shot of the old Shea Skyline?
You guessed it.
Mmm...Shake Shack, yo.
After a quick meal stop, I made my way upstairs. This mystery door is actually Empire Suite 202. Behind this door is the most magical thing in the world. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed in there.
This girl was just sitting by herself at a table full of cameras on the Empire level. I named her "Lonely Citi Field Girl." She was kind of cute. I wonder if she's Jewish...
Alyssa Milano was not present today, unfortunately.
I'm now on the Bridge to the Pepsi Porch.
I wonder if I can get a Mets Muffler here?
Every time I'm on the Excelsior level, I keep thinking of the "Manbearpig" episode of South Park.
Here's the Pepsi Sign from the Pepsi Porch.
The Bridge, from the Pepsi Porch...
...The bullpen and the Bridge Terrace, where you apparently need a ticket to sit, but I've never actually seen tickets offered for sale.
...and the Apple.
Here's the subway...
...and the Unisphere.
Continue upstairs? Yes, let's. But what's at the top? Tune in Sunday and find out!

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BklynJace said...

Try Taqueria -- I am an avowed Shake Shack enthusiast, but I have actually converted. And the line is much, much, much, much, much, much, much shorter.