Sunday, July 5, 2009

Inside Citi Field, Part 2

When we left off on Friday, I was heading up an escalator to the Promenade Level of Citi Field. What awaited me at the top? Well, let's jump right back into the action and see...
Why, it's the Pepsi sign again! If you missed the first shot of it, here's another angle.
The water fountains at Shea were not only decrepit, they were also sparse. Seemed like you could never find one when you needed it. At Citi Field, you can't sneeze without hitting a water fountain.
Does anyone know what the hell this is? I saw these all over the place, but I don't have a clue. Is it a payphone? Some sort of mind-control device? All I know is that it's glad I'm here.
Not surprisingly, there are about as many of these as there are water fountains.
My stance on Subway at the ballpark has been well-stated. Earlier this year, El Guapo and I were talking about it, wondering if you could get a $5 footlong. He seemed insistent that you could, based on the fact that there's a huge sign advertising it. I said no way, they would be blatantly undercutting everyone else in the ballpark. The answer: No, you can't get a $5 footlong. Everything is $7 and up. And besides the point, I didn't go to Citi Field to get a Subway sandwich.
The toppings bars are still out. This one has stuff for Pizza, since it's right next to...
...Cascarino's. I've written about my experience with the Pizza at Shea. I'm told it's better now. I don't believe it, and I'm still too afraid to try.
This is usually where I end up. You can't ever go wrong with the sausage sandwich.
The Promenade Food Court is truly one of the hidden gems of Citi Field. The lines are almost always manageable, mainly because everyone looking for food has gone downstairs to the high-end concessions and is standing on line at Shake Shack for 3 innings.
Some things never change.
Reverse angle of the Food Court.
I'd never seen this stand before. What the hell is "Kettle Korn? Well, apparently it's a giant metal drum that's making popcorn. What's so special about it? Beats the hell out of me.
This is the view I'm used to.
Here's another angle of the Food Court, from the stairs leading to Section 515.
Now, I've walked around to the lone Citi Field ramp, out in the Left Field corner. Here's the view.
Picturesque, that view is, of...LaGuardia Airport.
The Apple again, this time from the top, off the Left Field end of the Promenade.
Looking back in from Section 538.
The line at Shake Shack is, at this point, much longer than it was when I was there.
If you were wondering why it seemed so empty in the Promenade, well, here's why. Everyone is down there.
Further proof.
Mark Teixeira in the cage. What a strapping young man he is.
Empty dugout.
More airplanes.
I walked back downstairs to the Excelsior level, and made my first trip into the Caesar's club, which, I guess is a step or two below the Diamond Club at Shea. What a weird place this is. It's sort of like walking into a lounge in the middle of the Upper West Side. I wasn't too crazy about it.
And here's the menu in the Caesar's Club.
There's also these rogue bars, serving whatever mixed drink and wine you might want. Also bizarre.
Well, now they're watering the infield, which means it's almost game time. We'll skip that part of the evening...
...And, here we are, 3 hours and 40 minutes later.
And almost 6 hours since I'd made that stop at Shake Shack. I think I need a little snack...
...before I head home. But not in this traffic. This is the kind of view that makes me glad I never got my driver's license. A quick trip down the ramp and straight on to an Express train home, closing out a fine evening and a fine tour around the Mets new home, that is, if you forget the game that went on that night.

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