Monday, July 20, 2009

Ho Hum

If it wasn't bad enough knowing that the Mets were a bad team destined to plod their way through the string this season, there's no solace in the realization that the Mets are flat-out boring. There's no particular enjoyment in watching this team play, at least on TV.

I'm back in rehearsals for my Summer show so, as per usual, most of these games are sort of lost on me, which, as a recycled comment, isn't a particularly bad thing, but I did get to see a brief snippet of Saturday's game and of Sunday's game as well (Friday's game can be thrown down the toilet with the rest of them). Saturday, I put the game on in the top of the 9th, saw the Mets were ahead 2-1 and knew two things. 1, Santana obviously pitched and 2, the Mets offense did their best to ensure that he still might not win. What happened kind of shocked me. The Mets did something that it seems like they haven't done in weeks, and scored a few runs and put the game away. They looked fundamentally sound and did some good things like move up runners and Castillo even laid down a picture perfect suicide squeeze. The Mets finished off what was probably their best looking game in a month and a half, and I didn't even blink. I wasn't convinced. I don't think anyone was.

Sunday night, they proved everyone right. I put the game on in the 5th inning, I think. I'm not sure just what inning it was, all I know is that I was mystified to see Tim Redding pitching and wondered if Livan Hernandez was injured and didn't start. This, alone, should give you an idea of how on the ball I was. I had no idea who the hell was even starting! I was wondering about Livan and had basically forgotten Fernando Nieve even existed, and at this point I suppose it's just as well, given the competence of the Mets' training staff. But at any rate, it was 2-1 Braves when I turned the game on, and within a matter of minutes it was 7-1 Braves, and we all know that if there's one thing the Mets have proved themselves completely incapable of doing, it's coming back from a deficit.

So, out of Atlanta, where I was pretty sure they'd get swept, and into Washington, where they come in looking no better than a Nationals team that is a horrendous mess. There's no guarantee that the Mets are going to win any games in Washington. I don't know a single Mets fan that would be surprised if the Mets got swept. Man, things are bad right now.

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