Thursday, July 2, 2009

About Damn Time!

I think part of my problem as a Mets fan is that, between my own negativity, the phone calls from my insane co-worker, and the incessant listening to WFAN, combined with the Mets' performance of the past several days and I start to think that the Mets are never going to win another game.

Of course, that's not the case. But it's apparent that the only way the Mets can win a game generating offense at the snail's pace that they do, is if their starting pitcher comes out and throws darts all over the place like Mike Pelfrey did yesterday afternoon in Milwaukee. You can hand the credit for this victory to Pelfrey and Pelfrey alone. That's it.

Pelfrey has pitched rather well for the most part this season, though he hasn't had quite the eye-popping success he had last season. He's actually been sort of a headcase when you think about it, what with the yips, and the outings in which he's pitched good except for one horrendous inning that ended up sinking him. He's not quite there yet, but let's give him some credit: if Pelfrey can get past the bad innings and the head issues, he's one of the top starters in the NL. And he proved it with his outing yesterday. He did it around this time last year, after muddling around, he turned the corner and pitched like an Ace for two months. And if yesterday's outing is any indication, he's hopefully about to turn that corner and do it again.

Maybe this time some of the pundits will take notice. He's not going away that easily.

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