Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quick Hits: A Good Night, Uncle Joon, Playoff Hoops, and Biomechanics Nerds

All in all, last night was my favorite kind of weekday night game. Room in the stands (maybe 30K in attendance as a wild guess), quick game, warm night, no bathroom/concession lines, no wait to get on the 7 back to Brooklyn (I even had a relatively quick switch to the G, a minor miracle), cheap seats (five bucks at the gate for Section 6 upper box).

Oh yeah, and we won.

Maine was quietly effective and lasted into the eighth, which Feliciano finished, and then Burgos didn't quite ruin it, walking three to load the bases but getting out of it unscathed.

I almost didn't go, but it provided a nice excuse to get out of playing in my company's first softball game of the season (why do I want to get out of it? A few reasons, but I'll leave it at this: Randall's Island). And I'm glad I did. A classic "This is what it's all about!" game.

And now, a few links:
  • Worlds collide as FreeDarko previews each of the first-round NBA playoff matchups on Deadspin. And they're also, of course, doing their own fine coverage on their home site.
  • Speaking of hoops blogs, I've recently (belatedly) starting reading TrueHoop, which is now part of the ESPN empire. I don't think the style or anything has changed since merging with the mothership.
  • Slate has revived its Sopranos coverage, consisting this time of Timothy Noah and Jeffrey Goldberg debating Tony's fate. Personally, I dug the first two episodes, but Sunday's was a huge disappointment. And I was so psyched for the return of both Paulie and Junior, too. I kind of feel like they showed up Tony's hooker's boobs as a consolation prize, almost by way of apology.
  • Also in Slate, Seth Stevenson wonders when someone will do for biomechanics nerds what Bill James and Michael Lewis did for stats nerds.
So, how often do we get to play the Rockies?

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