Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Getaway Day

Sometimes you tap the Rockies; sometimes, well, sometimes the Rockies tap you.

After last night, does anyone even give a damn? Me neither.

Mike Pelfrey is taking his lumps early on, but I hope no one is starting to panic over it. I didn't get to see the game today, and I didn't bother to listen to it once I got back to my desk and it was already love-6, so I don't know what was happening with his pitches, but my guess is that they were staying up and getting too much of the plate because he was overthrowing. Why? Because he only walked one guy but gave up eight hits. If he's overthrowing, it's a mental thing. He needs to calm down and get in his usual rhythm, to what we saw in spring training.

It's been a little up-and-down, back-and-forth, strikes-and-gutters for most of the starters so far. Friday versus Matt Chico and the Nats ought to tell us something about Oliver Perez that I think we're all waiting expectantly for the answer to: namely, can he string two good starts together, or will he keep up the seasickness-inducing pattern he's begun the season with. In other news, I'm now ending all my sentences with prepositions. I mean, prepositions are what I'm now ending all my sentences with.

Meanwhile, Shawn Green has been busy proving me dead wrong, responsible for three of the five Mets runs today on a bases-clearing double, and I love him for it. Frankly, I thought all that spring talk from him was wishful thinking on his part. Sure, Shawn, you closed that hole in your swing, you've got it all figured out now, okay. But if you look at his approach, it's not so much that he's shortened his swing as leveled it out a little. And he goes the other way, which is something he did back in his 40-homer years in Toronto, too. He looks very fluid. I still don't see this lasting all year, but if it helps hold the fort while Delgado and Wright work out what's ailing them then I'm glad for it.

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