Monday, April 2, 2007

And We're Off...

We convened at a convivial East Village bar to take in last night's opener. Miller and Morgan mercifully muted, the game unfolded pretty much as well as any Met fan could have hoped. Four double plays helped out a nice start from Glavine. It was good to see Joe Smith get in there, even if it was sort of a rocky appearance, and curious that Feliciano started that eighth, that Willie didn't just go straight to Heilman for that inning, but you can't complain.

Here's a fun random note from Elias Sports Bureau about Paul LoDuca:
It was the fourth consecutive season in which Lo Duca recorded a multiple-hit game on Opening Day -- the longest current streak in the majors, pending Pat Burrell's results on Monday.
Very gratifying to see the Cardinals looking so shitty. Yadier Molina batting fifth? Preston Wilson batting second coming off a .307 OBP year? Kip Wells getting the next start? Uh . . . good luck, guys.

I decided to invest in the video/audio package again, so I probably won't be leaving the house this summer, except to go to Shea Stadium. In a couple hours the rest of the league gets going with their openers, and I'll be flipping around among the radio broadcasts and not getting much work done. I've said it before: I am very, very ready for baseball season.

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