Monday, April 9, 2007

Let's Get It Started in Here

Everyone psyched for the home opener? Mets2Moon and I will be out there in our 7-pack seats. If you want to say hi, come by section 40 and start yelling "El Guapo! El Guapo!" over and over again. Either I'll say hi, or security will become concerned and escort you away.

First pitch: 11:10. First car fire: 12:16.

Two quick notes:

• Yeah, yeah, I know. We dropped two to the hated Braves. But if we went 4-2 on every road trip we'd probably win about 130 games, so no complaints.

• This trumped-up nonsense about Jimmy Rollins's comments will play out in a fun way. No doubt he'll hear it from the crowd. Personally, I think he' just saying what any team's fans would want their team to say (not that I won't be booing him too).

Right back at ya, Pat. Douchebag.

1 comment:

Mets2Moon said...

F--- Jimmy Rollins.