Sunday, April 1, 2007

Opening Day

I know, I know, I missed the Big Blog Roundup on Friday. Between being legitimately busy at work, wanting to leave the previews up high for another day, and gathering my thoughts for tonight's opener, I knew you guys would forgive me.

In Ballclub news there's two pieces of business to take care of. First, we got a new template for the site, as you can see. Second, we posted our 2007 previews this week. Mets2Moon took care of the National League on Tuesday and I followed up with the American League Thursday.

Here's a few scattered thoughts for the best day of the year:

To warm up for tonight's opener, catch the SNY Mets Classic at 3:00: it's the September 18 division-clincher against Florida, which was a very thoughtful birthday present to me from the team. Thanks, guys!

Pregame Jitters
Amazin' Avenue has the opening day lineup and, for all the fretters out there, reviews the biggest question marks going into last season. ("Pedro Feliciano? Really? Darren Oliver? Really?"). It's a good point. There are always things that make you nervous going into a season. And it's never what you worry about that sinks you, and sometimes of course nothing sinks you, and you win! Remember the starting rotation going into last season:
  • Pedro Martinez
  • Tom Glavine
  • Steve Trachsel
  • Victor Zambrano
  • Brian Bannister
Do you feel more nervous or less nervous about this year's five? Personally, I'm fractionally more nervous, but that's about it. Mike Pelfrey got knocked around yesterday, which is a good sign. You don't want him to start out too comfortable.

The Eddie Kranepool Society also gives their take on the final roster.

Memories of Mediocrity
The Mets Are Better than Sex has an enjoyable occasional feature called In Memoriam, where they revisit some not-so-notable Mets of years past. You know, in case you wanted a reminder of the unique charms of Butch Huskey and Doug Sisk.

In 1990 an 18-year-old Butch Huskey signed a 11-year-old El Guapo's glove after a Kingsport Mets game in which the K-Mets pitcher (whose name is lost to history) pitched a no-hitter. (El Guapo is Southern by birth, a Brooklynite by the grace of God.) The glove, like Butch, is long gone.

* * *
And in conclusion, let's not forget that besides being opening day, April 1 is also April Fool's Day, and as such is the anniversary of George Plimpton's Sports Illustrated hoax The Curious Case of Sidd Finch. Where's that guy now? We could use another righty for the bullpen.

All right everyone, play ball!

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