Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Well, Gee

Seems I went to the Mets game one night too early. After sitting through a game so bad the Mets were coerced into handing out consolation Klondike Bars on Tuesday, the Mets responded with a 5-run explosion in support of the rejuvenated Dillon Gee.

A late meeting kept me from seeing the early half of the game, and of course since I wasn't at Citi Field, I don't know if they were giving out victory Klondike Bars, but by time I got home, the score was already 3-1 Mets in the 6th, and Gee was busy plowing through David Freese and and Jon Jay.

After that, David Wright homered and Marlon Byrd homered. Lucas Duda had already homered. This was nice to see, although I wish something like this had happened last night. Last night, it appeared that Lucas Duda smoked the ball every time up. Every at bat resulted in a screamer deep to right. Each time, it seemed ticketed for the seats. Every time, the ball subsequently died at the warning track and landed in a Cardinal Outfielder's glove. It wasn't just Duda, although he was the most victimized. John Buck and Marlon Byrd also fell victim to the Citi Field outfield. The Cardinals, on the other hand, saw their fly balls land safely in the seats, or in front of fielders. Tonight, the roles appeared reversed, although if it happened a couple of more times in support of Matt Harvey tomorrow, I wouldn't mind that either. Lucas Duda appears owed a couple of Home Runs as far as I'm concerned.

Between Gee and a trio of Home Runs, it would have been yet another sore disappointment—but not a shock—if the Mets had come up short once again. Fortunately, the remainder of the Mets pitchers, including Scott Rice, Brandon Lyon and Bobby Parnell, were up to the task of finishing off the Cardinals and giving the Mets their second victory in the past 2 months 9 games. You want to say you're hopeful that the Mets might be able to build on this, particularly with Harvey going tomorrow, and turn this into a little run back to something respectable, but can you really expect the Mets to do that right now? Sure, Harvey is pitching tomorrow, but the formula in his games lately has been that he pitches 7 solid innings, gives up 1 run, and then sits around glowering as the Mets get 4 hits and only score on a ground out. Then, once Harvey leaves, the opponent feasts on someone like Josh Edgin and the Mets lose 4-1, leaving Harvey with yet another no-decision. You hope that this doesn't happen, even though it usually does. But at this point, I think hope is just about all the Mets fan has left.

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