Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Save Those Runs!

The Mets, in what is probably their best offensive display in months, scored 10 runs in support of Dillon Gee tonight en route to a rousing victory.

Unfortunately, the way the Mets have been going of late, 10 runs has been close to an entire week's output of offense. If this holds, Shaun Marcum, Matt Harvey and the rest of the gang might be in trouble when the Marlins come to town this weekend.

That being said, tonight was a pretty good example of how well the Mets might be playing if they did actually do their job on offense, because Dillon Gee built on his fine start against the Yankees last week. Gee has hopefully turned a corner here and begun to return to the form he had started to show before he got hurt last year. Not great, not overpowering, but good enough to get through a game. He scattered several hits, but outside of a 1st inning that nearly got away from him, Gee remained in control throughout the game.

But after giving up the early run, Gee was immediately bailed out, first by Marlon Byrd, then by Marlon Byrd, who sandwiched a pair of Home Runs around a 3rd by David Wright, which broke the ice against the once-tough Dan Haren, and staked the Mets to a 5-run lead rather quickly. Later on, some of the lesser Mets made their marks, particularly Anthony Recker, who had a career night, driving in 3 runs, and Juan Lagares who, recently, had become a forgotten man on the team, chipped in with a trio of hits putting the finishing touches on this rare and coveted display in which just about everyone contributed.

Everyone contributed! See what happens when everyone contributes?! You score 10 runs and make your pitcher's life easier. He can relax, knowing he doesn't have to make every pitch perfect. Lest that be a lesson to you, Mets. Particularly if your name isn't David Wright or Daniel Murphy. See what Dillon Gee did tonight when the Mets got him a few runs? And that's Dillon Gee. Last night, Jeremy Hefner, who's actually performed reasonably well of late, pitched his ass off for 7 innings only to lose a victory in the 9th. Not so much because Bobby Parnell pitched poorly, even though he did, but mainly because the Mets only scored 2 runs. If they'd scored 5, Parnell isn't even in the game and Brandon Lyon closes the game out. Think about how good Matt Harvey would look right now if the team hit a little bit for him. What would he be? 8-0? 10-0? Instead, he's taken ND after ND because the team doesn't score him a damn run. So, yes, Dillon Gee must be peeing himself over having the good fortune to pitch on a night when the Mets decided to grow a pair and hit the ball a few times. It's a recycled comment, but maybe if this happened a little more often, the Mets wouldn't be in this fix.

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