Thursday, June 13, 2013

Enough Of You

I'm far too exasperated about today's game to really write anything tangible, beyond "Everyone that isn't Matt Harvey or David Wright stinks," and besides, I've been writing that all season. Matt Harvey took his first loss of the season today, although he's pitched well enough to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 12-0 right now.

Instead, I've decided to rant about something else.

Today, there was a story circulating around about the Mets approaching a dating site for Cougars with the idea that they would push them to vote for David Wright for the All Star Game. The idea came about because David Wright, who has remained one of the Mets Matinee Idols throughout his career, was voted by this site as "MLB's Hottest Cub." A silly ploy, but, hey, why not? Back up your feelings with some votes. I fail to see why this would be so illogical, or even newsworthy. Of course, somehow this was leaked to Deadspin, which has sort of become a bastion of Met Haters (This oddly did not happen when Will Leitch was in charge, and he was as anti-Met as they come), who will take pretty much any story they can find related to the Mets and spin it so that the Mets come off looking pathetic and ridiculous.

This is what bothers me: So, the San Francisco Giants can go to all the lengths they want to stuff the ballot box to the gills, essentially rigging things so that guys like Marco Scutaro and Brandon Belt are elected starters for the All Star Game, thus ensuring more deserving players aren't elected. David Wright may not be all-world, but among his peers in the National League, he's probably the best one going right now. Yet, somehow, Pablo Sandoval eked him out at the last second last year, and again leads him by close to 200,000 votes this year in spite of the fact that he's probably not even in the top HALF of NL 3rd Basemen. But, since the San Francisco Giants are a "respectable" team, nobody really bats much of an eyelash at them or their chicanery. Every team tries to get the vote out for their own guys, but what the Giants have done is kind of ridiculous.

So, then, why are the Mets, who are trying to get their DESERVING 3rd Baseman elected to the All Star Game, which by the way is being played in HIS HOME BALLPARK, subject to ridicule for their methods? It's because they're the Mets, and the Mets are inherently stupid and should be made fun of for any reason possible. This is the way the Mets are now portrayed. It started off with the Bernie Madoff scandal and seems to have spiraled from there.

Well, I've had enough. Leave the Mets alone. Mets fans have suffered enough over the past 6 seasons. We don't need the blogosphere picking on us for trying to get our guy voted into the All Star Game, we don't need to get ridiculed for every little stupid thing that happens, and we don't need places like the Post making everything into a Met-slamfest. We get it. We stink. It's going to be several years before it gets better. Stop picking on the Mets just because they're the Mets. Just let us suffer in silence and try to get our guy into our All Star Game.

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