Monday, June 10, 2013

Black Sunday

Much like Saturday's melange of misery, I missed the Mets Sunday Shit Show as well, which, given how things turned out, was once again probably a good thing. From what I was able to gather, the Mets hit slightly, then didn't hit, then didn't pitch, then didn't field, and a 4-1 lead turned into an eventual 10-inning, 8-4 loss that took half as long in terms of innings and elapsed time than the Saturday debacle.

After sweeping the Yankees, the Mets have fallen right back into the abyss of hell, running off a lovely-looking 1-6 record, replete with two momentum-killing rainouts right after the lone victory. 5 of the 6 losses came at the hands of your favorite team and mine, that's right, the Fucking Marlins. To date, the Marlins have won 18 games this season. 8 of them have come against the Mets. This tells you all you need to know about how bad this season is going. I know that the attendance figures have registered somewhere in the 20,000s both days, and I suppose that's all well and good given that it was a nice weekend, and I didn't see either game so I'm not quite sure, but let's be real: Were there even 10,000 people in the park on either date? I have tickets for Tuesday night's game against St. Louis, my first game in a few weeks, and I've got a pretty good feeling that I may be a part of a rather small congregation.

If nothing else, Sandy Alderson has finally seen enough, and made several postgame "adjustments" to the roster. Among them was the demotion of Ike Davis. I know that Ike has been a team guy, a likeable guy and one of The Ballclub's favorites. But he's been lost all season and unlike last year, there haven't been any signs of breaking out of it. After looking like he might be beginning to turn last week, he's gone back in the tank again, so I can't say he didn't deserve to get sent down. Also gone are Mike Baxter and Robert Carson, so it's really a mini-housecleaning. Baxter is another one of those Met Loveables, but let's face it, the Mets are the only team that would ever have someone like Baxter on the roster. He's the consummate 5th Outfielder. He happened to run into a No-Hitter saving catch last year, and he came up with a bunch of Pinch Hits, and a pair of game winners earlier this year, but he's Mike Baxter, and there's nothing exciting about him. Robert Carson is just as unexciting, even if he did have a nice outing picking up for Jonathon Niese that one time. Replacing them? Who knows? Whoever it is, they can't be much worse, can they?

Can they??

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