Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Not Worth Waiting Up For

The Mets waited out a 3 hour and 52 minute rain delay on Monday night in Good Ol' Atlanty in order to play a game that ultimately proved that no miracle can save this Mets team.

I was all set to write something to the exact opposite, praising Dillon Gee for going out and pitching his ass off, keeping the Braves in check and off balance all night long, and then having to go bail out his A-hole teammates who couldn't get him a hit. In a game that was fortunately zipping along at a brisk pace, it was Gee who came up and gave himself his own "cushion," driving in John Buck with a 7th inning single to give himself a 1-0 lead that he almost made stand up.

Unfortunately, his teammates are still A-holes, because by not getting him any extra runs other than the one he drove in himself, Gee was left with no margin for error, and his much-deserved attempt at a Complete Game Shutout was thwarted at the 11th (or more appropriately, 1:27am) hour by Bitch McFreeman, who appeared to be the only Brave able to figure Gee out at all. Unfortunately, Freeman's Home Run was preceded by a hit from one of the similarly annoying Upton brothers, meaning Gee's brilliant outing ultimately will go into the books as a frustrating Complete Game, 2-1 loss, somewhat reminiscent of that legendary Sid Fernandez game in Atlanty a generation ago. But that was before the Braves were the Fucking Braves that I can't stand and at times have drove me to develop a strong disdain for the entire state of Georgia. But I digress.

I didn't actually think I'd see this game, because I was out a good portion of the night, but at some point I got an alert that the game was in a rain delay, which was never followed with any sort of an update, leading me to believe that at some point, the game had to have been rained out. I got home slightly before 11, and was shocked to see that the game was in the 2nd inning. I never even got an alert, but I guess they knew they had a window. With the ever popular day-night Doubleheader scheduled for this afternoon, it was probably in the best interest of both teams not to keep things going too late, with a 1pm start time. Then again, given that the Mets season has consisted of an endless string of rainouts and rainouts upon rainouts, they must have figured they had to try.

For 8 and a half innings, this looked like a great idea. Then, it wasn't. At the end, another game where nobody bothered to hit the ball, another loss, and I'm wondering, at 1:45am, what the hell I stayed up so late for.

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