Friday, July 22, 2016

Dusting And Dusting

After 6 games out of the All Star Break, the Mets had proved nothing other than they're good at not being able to figure themselves out. This was kind of problematic considering that they were going into Miami, where stupid things always happen, to play the Mickey Mouse Marlins, who specialize in doing stupid things. In spite of this, and in spite of Celebrity Manager walking around with this smug, shit-eating smirk on his face, silently demanding preferential treatment, and in spite of Logan Verrett once again having a solid outing fall apart at the end, the Mets beat the Marlins 5-3.

They won this game primarily based on Jose Reyes, who at least tonight looked like 2006 Jose Reyes and forcibly interjected himself into the middle of everything important. He started the game with a double off of Adam Conley, stole 3rd and scored on a sacrifice fly. In the 4th, he pulled the anti-Met move and singled with 2 outs to score Travis d'Arnaud. And in the 7th, after Hamburgers Yelich tied the game with a Home Run, Reyes started the inning with a single off David Phelps, moved to 3rd on a Granderson hit, and socred on another Yoenis Cespedes sacrifice fly. That's 3 hits, 2 runs, an RBI and a stolen base.

Remember when Reyes used to have games like that on a daily basis?

It seems so long ago in a place so far away when that would happen. The Mets and Marlins play in stadiums now that didn't even exist in 2006, and Reyes has bounced around, from an ill-advised season with these same Marlins, to Canada, to the Colorados, and now back to the Mets, and yes, he's older, and he's rusty, but you can still see that spark is still there and so maybe now that he's getting back to game speed he can run off some more games like this. Maybe.

The more operative thing here is that the Mets had to beat the Marlins, particularly since they'd slipped behind the Marlins in the standings, and I have no idea how this happened because the Marlins are a joke of a team and a bunch of turds. They need to be put in their place a little bit and nobody to this point seems to have been able to do that. And, of course, nothing would be more Marlin than to use the Mets as the springboard to success. Point is, the Mets needed to win this game and they did, and when it was close in the 9th, they put the game away against Fernando Rodney. First, he hit Yoenis Cespedes with a pitch, so in my opinion someone on their side needs to get dusted at some point, but then again James Loney did the dusting himself by hitting one into the upper deck for a 2-run Home Run. This set up a much easier 9th inning for Jeurys Familia who once again did not make it easy on himself, and the more the Marlins kept their irritating rally going, the more I had visions of Greg Dobbs coming off the Bench and hitting a 6-run Home Run and the Marlins running around slapping themselves with salami, but Familia's trademark continues to be to bend but not break, and so the Mets finished out the game.

That's good. Now do this two more times. Then come home and do it some more. That's called consistency. The Mets need some of that.

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