Sunday, July 17, 2016

And This Continues To Be The Problem

As is usually the case on Summer Saturdays, I was out all day and didn't actually see any of the Mets Phillies game, but based on the results, a 4-2 Mets loss, I see that even after a few days to rest and get their heads straight, the Mets still have a hard time getting out of their own way against lesser opponents.

Logan Verrett, whose entire season may be that he's just the victim of these kinds of games, started for the Mets, pitched passably well, kept the Mets in the game (and became the 143rd Met pitcher to allow a Home Run to Ryan Howard), and the Mets offense, in his support, got plenty of runners on base and went 0-for-18 with men in scoring position.

This is a continued problem for the Mets, who over the past several years have turned stranding runners in scoring position into some sort of stupid art form. I keep writing about this, and I think about 85% of Mets Bloggers keep writing about this but what difference does it make? The same dopey thing still happens. I can't even single out a culprit here because basically everyone is guilty, except maybe Yoenis Cespedes and he didn't play, so maybe it's his fault for being hurt, and also I can't blame Wilmer Flores, because he didn't play either, and I can't really understand why since he usually does reasonably well in those spots. But the rest of the bunch, come on! I know there's still a bunch of games left to play but it feels like this whole season has been Mets fans saying "I'm not panicking, there's still a lot of games left to play." I'm still not panicking, but the point here is I'm tired of talking about it. I said it yesterday, I'll say it again, and I feel like I'm going to say it a lot more over the remaining games this season: Do Better.

This year still feels like 2001, even if the Mets probably aren't going to run up to 54-68. I didn't like 2001, though. I like this less, probably because in 2001 we were still in the stone age and there wasn't so much information readily available and there weren't happy-talking Nationals fans that are already acting like they've won the division and last season was a fluke. It's like listening to fans of that other team in this city. There's too many people with too much to say. Perhaps that's the real problem.

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