Saturday, July 16, 2016

Back To Game Speed

I didn't have much to say this week, even as far as assessing the state of the Mets after the first half of the season. There's not much to say. They're hanging in, in spite of some injuries and a lot of inconsistencies, and a general lack of situational hitting. The goal for the second half: Be better.

Friday night in Philadelphia was a good start as they beat the Phillies, 5-3, taking out a team that they need to do a better job against since they're going to see each other 12 times (at least) over the remainder of the season. Though Yoenis Cespedes was still out, recovering from his leg injury, Juan Lagares did a good job in his place, hitting a Home Run and generally being in the middle of things. Neil Walker, who also could be better, hit a 3-run Home Run off Jeremy Hellickson, and this was enough in support of Bartolo Colon and company.

This was, in essence, a night for the Mets snubbed All Stars to shine. Yes, the Mets lost 2 of their 4 All Stars to injury, and so I had no problem with Cespedes or Syndergaard not appearing (even though Syndergaard was there to tip his cap and do Syndergaard things). I was, however, puzzled over the disappearance of Colon and Jeurys Familia in the game. Especially since Terry Collins was managing the game. Now, I care very little about the All Star Game in general. I'll usually watch the game, if only to root for the National League, which more often than not has been a losing cause, and also to see the Mets, in the hope that they will represent themselves well. David Wright was usually very good at this, since he played in 7 games and almost always got a hit. Few Mets All Stars did better to this particular end than Jacob deGrom did last year, of course. So I watched, halfheartedly, some of the later innings to see Colon and Familia. But they never showed up. And that's a bit of a shame. Familia is one thing, but Bartolo Colon making the All Star Team at age 43 is almost like a Lifetime Achievement award. How many more times will this happen? So they were both apparently pissed off and I can't blame them. Their own manager couldn't get them in the damn game? It wasn't right.

That's all I have to say about that, but if nothing else the first game back last night was their night to prove themselves worthy, and they both did well, Colon picking up his 8th win of the season, Familia got his 32nd Save, the Mets were back in business and now I have to start paying attention every day again, which was tough after a few days off, and I ended up sleeping through the first 6 innings. But in the end all is well, and here we go.

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