Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Yet another indignant blog LIVE from Citi Field. It's my first game in over a month, with work getting in the way as usual. But now I'm back, in my regular perch in the Promenade.

I'm relatively used to going to games where nothing is given away, although I've made mention in the past of my attraction to certain kitschy items that are generally given out at weekend games I can't go to. But it seems tonight was one of those "surprise" promotions that they dropped in when nobody was paying attention. More often than not, these are the dates they save the real crap for.

Well, you want crap, you got it, because this is what was shoved in my face unceremoniously when I entered the ballpark. It's a license plate frame. Yes, all the lucky fans in attendance tonight are getting a dinky little plastic license plate frame.

I'm attracted to promotional kitsch, but this is ridiculous. It's also especially helpful for everyone here who DOESN'T OWN A CAR!

I really know how to pick 'em, I guess. Dunkin' Donuts cards, a Mr. Met Window Cling, and now this. A Mets license plate frame. Hopefully there's someone out there who will pay $3 for it on Ebay, because that's right where it's headed. Assuming I don't fling it at Jason Bay in disgust.

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