Thursday, August 9, 2012

On the Other Hand

If I had to watch the Mets lose, better to have been there for the normal frustrating loss on Tuesday, where there was at least some excitement, than to have gone last night for the total bludgeoning.

Didn't matter if Chris Young had it or didn't  have it, because when you lose 13-0, nobody has it. If I had been at this game, I probably would have left in the 8th inning once it got to 10-0. As it was, I had it on TV at home, but I had mostly stopped paying attention, making Gary, Keith and Ron LIVE from the Pepsi Porch little more than background noise. But when the score hit 10-0, I said to myself, "Wait a second. Why the hell am I still watching this?" and immediately changed the channel. Why subject myself to any further misery.

It's gotten to the point where the Mickey Mouse Marlins, who bought high-priced Free Agents once again and this time didn't even wait a full season before blowing it up, are sticking it to us. We should be the ones kicking them in the nuts and laughing, not the other way around. Or maybe the juice is gone now that Hanley Ramirez has been traded to the Dodgers. Either way, they're still the Marlins and I still don't like them, and when their pitchers keep handing us hits and walks, we should probably try to do something with them. Just a thought.

Noon start today, which means a radio game in the office. Hopefully that will be the magic touch to turn things around.

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