Monday, June 18, 2012

Kitschy Weekend

Not much noteworthy went on this weekend, or at least that's a kind way of saying that the Mets looked lousy all weekend. Coming off their great series in Tampa, the Mets arrived home and continued to pitch well, but apparently left their bats in Florida. Too bad, since good performances by Jonathon Niese and Chris Young were mostly wasted.

The only good thing to report from the weekend would be Sunday's Keith Hernandez Bobblehead promotion, which I was on hand for. I'd made mention in the past of my bizarre attraction to this kitsch the Mets give out from time to time. It serves no greater purpose than to clutter up my life and my closet, I suppose. But over time, I'd pared some of that stuff down. A number of promotional items I'd accumulated over the years became eBay fodder, among them bobbleheads of Willie Randolph, Pedro Martinez, Carlos Beltran, a bunch of old caps of varied colors, and even a Dunkin Donuts gift card (the Endy Chavez Bobblehead, I have kept, along with the mini Shea Stadium replica from 2008). Nonetheless, with the Mets doing their 50th Anniversary Bobbleheads, I felt I had to try to get to at least one of these games. I would have preferred Edgardo Alfonzo, but scheduling being in my way, I had to settle for Keith Hernandez. That's not to say that this is settling much. Keith is as beloved a Met as anyone. So, when a ticket for June 17th landed in my lap, I of course ran out to Citi Field to get my Keith Bobblehead. And, with it, I got to sit through a relatively boring 2 hour, 50 minute Mets loss. But, who cares? I got a Keith Hernandez bobblehead, right!?

I feel silly, sometimes, getting quite so excited about these kinds of things. But I also know I'm not the only one. Or at least I hope I'm not.

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orangeandbluesince72 said...

No your not the only one I love my mini Shea it's on my book shelf with my Mr. Met bobble head and a few other things. My wife laughs about it but hey I'm not the only one ether. Just found your blog and have been enjoying it keep up the good work and L.G.M.