Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Baltimore, It's 6:42!

A nod to the late, great George Carlin with today's header, apropos for this week's games because for the most part, the Orioles looked like they were just a little bit late. It was probably primarily because the Mets pitching was so good, but by time the Orioles decided to score a run, it seemed it was already a bit too late.

Though the wins were team efforts across the board, with everyone chipping in, I think the brunt of the credit has to go to the starting pitchers. This is a unit that has been the strength of the team all season long, and when they show it, they really show it. It's something like the third time since late May that the pitching staff has run off a multiple-game scoreless streak, and the starters have been the ringleaders, pretty much every time. R.A. Dickey has obviously done his part, and Johan Santana rebounded from a few rough starts quite nicely on Tuesday. Dillon Gee has been a bit of a wildcard for the Mets to this point. As with with any #4 starter or any young pitcher, Dillon Gee has been sometimes good, sometimes not-so-good and generally not very much in between. When he's been bad, he's usually gotten bombed and been out of the game sooner rather than later. When he's been good, he's been quite good, and so it's usually up to him to not run into that one bad pitch that screws everything up. Invariably, this will happen to him, though, so it's usually good if his teammates have scored a few runs for him. When this happened to him against the Yankees, it ultimately cost him the game. Last night, however, he had a 4-run lead when Wilson Betemit sent one into orbit, so the damage was somewhat minimized, and the bullpen (or, more appropriately, Frank Francisco) pulled off another escape act in the 9th to give the Mets the sweep.

So, the watchword in Metsdom today is sweep or be swept. With the Yankees coming in this weekend (joy of joys), hopefully it'll be more of the former. I don't know if a repeat of what went on in the Bronx a couple of weeks ago will go over very well with anyone.

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