Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dickeymania 2012!

I suppose I could write another long post extolling the virtues of R.A. Dickey and his incredible hot streak, and how he hasn't allowed an earned run in about a month, and how he's become the Mozart of the Knuckleball (I wanted to make the analogy that he was the Kurt Cobain of the knuckleball, but I don't know if I could adequately pull the cockamamie idea off), and how incredible it is that, in a season where the Mets threw their first No Hitter, it's been somehow overshadowed by the exploits of a pitcher who's become the first Met ever to throw back-to-back One Hitters, but what else is there to be said. Instead, here's a giant picture of the man of the hour.

It's now not simply enough to say that he's worthy of being the NL's All Star Starting pitcher next month. We may have to start thinking of him being in the discussion of Cy Young Award winner or possibly even MVP for the way he's been keeping the Mets afloat.

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