Friday, June 22, 2012

Hey, Wait a Second...

I was knocking around Brooklyn a few weeks ago when I chanced upon this service advisory and did a double take.

So, the MTA wouldn't call the 7 train stop "Willets Point - Citi Field," but they have no problem re-naming the Atlantic Avenue stop in Brooklyn to "Atlantic Avenue - Barclays Center."

Back in 2009, I believe the MTA refused to re-name the Shea Stadium stop to Citi Field because they wouldn't give a station a corporate name. After some sleuthing, I found that Bruce Ratner, the man responsible for the Barclays Center and also the displacement of innumerable people through Eminent Domain for his Atlantic Yards Project that is currently still a hole in the ground, threw $200,000 a year for 20 years at the MTA in order to make this change.

So, I suppose, a station name can be bought for the right price. So, why weren't the Mets told something similar? Or were they and I've forgotten. I don't know, and I'm not particularly sure how much I care. I'm sure the MTA could use the money for something frivolous rather than making tangible improvements to the Subway system.

Just some food for thought on the eve of the 2nd Subway Series as you journey off to Mets-Willets Point.

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