Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh, It's You. Nice To See You Again.

So. Here we are again. Philadelphia and our dear friends, The Phillies.

There's not the same kind of talk going on between these two clubs. When one team has gone to the past two World Series and won one of them, while the other team just made a total ass of themselves, there's not too much to say, I suppose.

That doesn't make these games any more or less intense, at least from the fan's perspective.

These games don't particularly matter too much to the Phillies, I'd have to imagine, outside of the fact that they love to stick it to the Mets. They're the class of the league right now; by far and away the team to beat. That's not up for any debate, no matter who feels like talking.

On the Mets side, these games do mean something. The 9-1 homestand is nice, but now they can prove what they're made out of. Is this hot streak going to spur the Mets on through the Spring, or are they going to immediately come back to earth and play like a .500 team (or worse). These games will prove alot.

Philly pretty much wiped their shoes on the Mets last season, winning I believe 12 of 18. I stopped paying attention sometime after Raul Ibanez's HR landed in the Citi Field Bullpen last June 11th. Since then, Philly has basically just laughed at the Mets and their fans have laughed at our fans, overrun our ballpark, spat on our girlfriends and taken our lunch money, and well they should. We merited being laughed at.

I don't know that much has changed, really. The Mets are still pretty laughable, and it's going to be some time before they can buck that trend. But this weekend is a good way to start. There's a lot of fresh wounds and bad memories that come out of this tiny, tiny little ballpark. But if the Mets can come in and win some games, that's games, not game, say, 2 of 3, then maybe this will put them on the road back to being respectable. Beating the best does that a little bit.

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