Thursday, April 29, 2010

If Just For One Day...

How long this will last, I don't know, but for now it's pretty sweet.

When John Maine, he of the beleaguered looks and tenuous spot in the rotation, comes out and starts firing darts all over the place, then you know everything's clicking for your team. Where once it appeared as though it would be a struggle for the Mets to plate 7 runs in an entire series, they managed to do so in a few innings against the Dodgers, making them look rather silly in the process and finished off a 3-game sweep and a homestand that saw them go 9-1.

9-1! Last time we saw anything like that, the season turned out fairly well.

It's clear that the Mets aren't just going to lie down and let the 2010 season just happen, which was more or less everyone's fear. But the fear now is what's going to happen when all these guys come back to earth? What's going to happen when the breaks stop coming, the other team stops playing with their heads up their ass, and the pitching begins to falter? It's a pessimistic view, no doubt, but given recent history, Mets fans have good reason to be a little pessimistic. It's easy to enjoy what's going on right now, and I'm certainly hearing comments like "Your Mets are actually doing something," and "Gee, who woke up the Mets?" but the Mets fans I've spoken to are a bit more cautious. The Mets fan knows that it's good to be in first place, but also knows what the date is. If this were September 29th, there might be cause for excitement. On April 29th, 1st place is merely something pleasant.

Especially when you're about to play your closest and fiercest competitor for said 1st place spot over the weekend.

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