Monday, April 5, 2010

Chapter Two

Thusly, we return.

The last two offseasons were long for Mets fans, and sometimes they seemed to border on making us all just a little bit insane. This past offseason, there just wasn't anything to talk about.

We've gone from starting over to starting anew, but now this season, I'm sort of at a loss to figure out what the hell we're starting. There's not much to be optimistic about when it comes to the Mets, we all know that. But for one day, we're all on an even plane, with equal records, ready to embark on yet another 6-month journey.

Where that journey will take us remains to be seen.

As per usual, I'll be at Citi Field, having finished my relocation and hung up my shingle at what is now the Park Slope bureau of The Ballclub, it's a new path that will be taken for my first sojourn of the year to Flushing. I passed on the preseason workout yesterday. Today's the first trip of the year, as it should be. But the attitude isn't necessarily one of excitement or anticipation that something great is going to happen. I've never approached Opening Day with quite so much ambivalence before. We'll be there and it'll be fun. But after today, the anticipation isn't there so much.

Welcome to the 2010 Baseball season. Whatever.

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