Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fighting Chances

Games such as last night's are usually long forgotten by time the season ends, but it's interesting to note what happened.

After the strong showing on Opening Day, optimism had to be abound, but the Mets fell into what was pretty much a hopeless hole early when John Maine, one of those giant question marks, didn't pitch well. He did minimize his damage somewhat, but nonetheless, a deficit is a deficit. But the Mets came back, which is definitely the kind of thing you like to see. They clearly know how to take pitches, work counts, and make pitchers sweat, all things they did over the course of the late innings last night. And in coming back to tie the game in the 8th, they did something that they wouldn't have even sniffed doing last year. Once the Mets got out of a game last season, you could pretty much fold up your tents and go home, because they weren't coming back, and they weren't even going to make a run at it.

One can only hope that this is a sign of the way the Mets are going to go about things this season. It will be much more enjoyable to watch the team if they're constantly trying and making things interesting as opposed to just laying down like dogs. Still, there's only so many silver linings you can take from a loss, even if it's only the 2nd game of the year. It's frustrating, because they dragged us all back into it, but in the end still managed to find a way to lose the game. The pessimist's way of looking at this game is that while they showed fight, they still lost the game, and you can probably expect many more games like this as the season goes on.

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