Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thole or Not Thole

Whatever he is, he's not Brian Schneider and his .174 batting average, which instantly makes him OK with me.

It's now September and with the rosters expanding to 40, we can hopefully see a host of new faces around the team that might actually prove themselves worthwhile to the future of the Mets (whatever that future may hold), as opposed to retreads, has-beens and never-weres that we've been staring at for months now. I don't know who the Mets plan to call up to the Majors, but we can only hope that it'll mean less Schneider, less Tatis, less Anderson Hernandez, less Sheffield, less horrible pitchers.

Basically, now should be the time for the Mets to take stock of what they've got and see how much retooling needs to be done. I've said in the past that the 2009 Mets were built to win now, only now was 2006. I've also said that '06 was probably the fluke and '07 and '08 were the norm. We know that, when healthy, the Mets are a good team that is more than likely only good enough to fall just a little bit short. When every major contributor to the team manages to get injured, that's bad luck. The poor finishes of '07 and '08 weren't bad luck. That was the team proving what it was. And now, bit by bit, that team is starting to get broken up. Wagner was the first to go, and he'll probably be followed by Delgado. After that, we shall see. In their place, guys like Josh Thole and perhaps a Wilmer Flores or Jenry Mejia. I don't know what the plans are for this final month of the season. But my guess is we'll be seeing plenty of new faces at Citi Field.

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