Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Playing out the string like this wouldn't be so bad except that since it's the 2009 Mets playing out the string, every loss has to be as excruciating as possible.

You can't even feel good with the Mets ahead 3-0, because you know that there's about a bazillion ways that they can blow the lead and the Nationals can come back to win the game. And that's exactly what happened. I watched the first few innings on TV, got tired, turned it off and then turned it on the radio. While I was busily dodging what have become some overly irritating radio commercials (Someone needs to shoot the Ad Director for the New York Lottery), I sort of lost track of the game. I heard something involving a Home Run, and I want to say it was by Ian Desmond, assuming that there's a guy on the Nationals named Ian Desmond, but I never quite bothered to pay attention to the score. Finally, I tuned in in an un-named late inning to hear Jeff Francoeur walk to load the bases. Then there was a double play, which is what the Mets do best when the bases are loaded. I knew, then, that it was the middle of the 8th. But, again, I hadn't bothered to pay attention to the score. Until the Bottom of the 8th, when the Mets did what the Mets do best in the field in a late close game, which is make errors and piss away the game.

I thought at some point that 70 wins would be a possibility for this team, but you know what? I'm really not so sure they can get there. I'm not even convinced 68 wins is possible for this team.

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