Thursday, September 24, 2009

So Long, 518!

Tuesday night was the final game on the 15-game plan I purchased before the season, and, most likely, the final game in which I'd be occupying Section 518, Row 17, Seats 3 and 4, unless by some fluke I go to a random game and purchase those seats, or if the Mets decide to jerk me around and offer me the exact same seats next year. I'd prefer to sit a little lower down, thanks.

I managed to get to 14 of the 15 games on the plan, which is about what I'd figured, even the two day games. The Mets posted a 4-10 record in those 14 games, which, combined with the loss against the Yankees in June (the only non-plan game I've attended so far this season), leaves me with a sterling 4-11 record for 2009, which includes a personal losing streak that has now stretched to 8 games, has been by far and away the worst season's worth of games I've sat through, and based on the last game on Tuesday, shows no real end in sight.

The game isn't worth talking about, since the 2009 Mets really aren't worth talking about anymore. The best you could say is that at least El Guapo and I weren't totally convinced that Nelson Figueroa's career was over after he left the mound. Surprisingly, he wasn't TERRIBLE!!! He acquitted himself quite well. His team just didn't hit. What a shock.

Citi Field was a bit more full than I would have expected on Tuesday. It was full enough that the line at Shake Shack was actually a line you'd have to wait on for a few minutes. El Guapo and I opted for Blue Smoke this time, where my recent experience with the Chipotle Chicken Wings left something to be desired. But I'm always willing to try something else, so this time I opted for the Pulled Pork Sandwich. This, much like the tacos from El Verano, was probably the highlight of the evening. This sandwich was so good that now I'm torn between whether or not to get this or tacos next season. What to do!? El Guapo agreed, though he'd had the pulled pork earlier in the season and said it was better that time. I guess all things are better earlier in the season, even the team.

Most of the regulars I'd come to know in section 518 during the season weren't there on Tuesday. I can't say I blame them. One gentleman, who usually came with his son, was usually driving in from somewhere on Long Island, and usually left early to beat traffic. Although, given the amount of people at these games of late, there's not too much traffic to beat. There was a group of rather obnoxious, fratty-looking folks at the other end of my row, each of them wearing T-shirts that read "I saw 25 losses at Citi Field and all I got was this lousy T-shirt,' and on the back, "SUCKER 09." They were cheering for the Mets, but it seemed to be in a mocking fashion, or at least that's what I took it to be. That sort of summed up the season. Sometime around the 4th inning, interspersed with the batters being announced in Spanish, Alex Anthony made a very brief statement thanking all the Weekday Plan holders for their support. Scant consolation, I have to say. A plan that I'd figured would hold a decent amount of promise, and guarantee my admission to some exciting late-season games didn't quite materialize that way, and, thusly, ended with a whimper, a 3-1 loss that was about as unexciting and uncompetitive as the 7 losses I'd seen prior to it.

I do have one more game to attend this season, the last game on October 4th. At least I know that my last game this season won't be quite as tense and cathartic as the last game of the season last year or two years ago. Or even three years ago. In fact, it might be so lethargic, I might fall asleep. Much like it appears the team has done. I talked with El Guapo briefly about tickets for 2010, and if I'd get the same plan. Amazingly, after all this, I guess I probably will. I suppose I have some amount of leverage to demand better seats, or, at least seats a little lower down and more centered, but as I said to him, the intrinsic enjoyment I get out of simply being at a Baseball game will always far outweigh the misery I endure having to watch such a lousy team.

I guess that's the only way you can look at it.

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Jon said...

My crappy season package ended Monday, with a similarly rotten record, in a similar area of the park (Prom 521), and I intended to write a similarly morose wrap-up post (replacing surprisingly good Asian food at the World's Fare for the pulled pork) but you know, I just didn't get around to it.