Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sneaky Win

The Mets nearly snuck an entire game past me this afternoon. While I did know that they had an afternoon game, and in fact I also knew that it was a 12:10pm game, which they play on occasion in the Summer, I'd lost track of time altogether until some point much later in the afternoon and by time I'd clicked on, the game was already in the 5th inning and humming right along.

By and large, and of course since I didn't see it I can't speak much to it, but it appeared to be a pitchers duel between Seth Lugo and Lance Lynn, or, a pair of nondescript righthanded pitchers taking advantage of an early-afternoon getaway-day game on a 95˚ afternoon. Lucas Duda hit an early Home Run but that was about it. I'd glanced away after checking in in the 5th, and of course when I looked back, it was the 7th inning and the game was tied. A little later, I checked back again and saw that Tommy Pham had hit a Home Run off of Erik Goeddel and the Cardinals had a 2-1 lead in the 8th. My thought process then went as follows:

1) Well, that's the game.
2) Figures it was lousy Goeddel that gave it up.
3) Man, I hate the Cardinals.
4) I'm going to go out and run some errands now.

So I went out and ran my errands. I was probably out for about 45 minutes and that's being generous. It may have been closer to 30. But nonetheless, I came back and checked my screen and...huh. The Mets won, 3-2.

Apparently all I needed to do was go out, because while I was out, Wilmer Flores pinch hit in the last of the 8th and hit a Home Run to re-tie the game, and in the 9th, the Mets got a couple of runners on base, and then with two outs, Jose Reyes hit a chopper behind 1st base that was knocked down by Matt Carpenter. Generally, this is a fairly routine out, except when Jose Reyes busts it down the 1st base line and Trevor Rosenthal forgets to cover the base. Then, extra innings turns into a fortuitous Mets victory and, for once, it's the Cardinals that are left holding their jocks and looking like jackasses. Couldn't happen to a better bunch.

So, after all this, the Mets split this series with the Cardinals and...surprise surprise, are still no better off than they were at this time last week. So at least they're not totally mailing it in, but the more this continues and the more the Mets just play at par, the less time remains and...oh, what's the use? Enjoy beating the Cardinals. Don't think about anything beyond that.

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